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Frequently Asked Questions

Services & Providers

What type of services do you offer?
All of our sites offer medical services and prescriptions, which can be filled on site at sites where we have pharmacies, or they will be mailed to your home from the pharmacy at CVCHC. Most of our offices offer dental and some offer behavioral health. Only CVCHC offers x-ray and mammography. For more information about services offered at your site, please refer to that site under the Locations tab.
What types of vaccines do you have?
We offer a full range of childhood vaccines as well as common adult vaccines such as pneumovax and flu. Vaccines required for foreign travel may be obtained from your local health department.
What kind of doctors do you have?
CVHS employs Internists, Family Practitioners, and Pediatricians, as well as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners. Please refer to the specific site under the Locations tab for more information about the providers at your site.
Do you have dentists and behavioral health providers?
Yes, we have dentists, psychologists, and Licensed Clinical Social Workers.
What types of credentials do your providers have?
All of our providers have the credentials appropriate to their specialty. Physicians are licensed, Board certified, and credentialed by insurance companies. All providers have completed their appropriate educational and licensing requirements.
Do I have the right to choose my own provider?
Yes, CVHS encourages patients to select their own provider. You may not always see that provider if he/she is out sick or on vacation, or we are working you in for a sick visit.
How long has the doctor/provider been practicing?
Many of our providers have a wealth of experience and education, but there is a lot of variation among the providers in terms of length of time in practice. ALL providers are committed to providing high quality care and maintaining CVHS’ corporate standards of practice.
If I need a specialist, will you make the referral?

Yes, we make referrals to specialists at the recommendation of your provider. Where you will be sent will depend on your insurance company’s network. If you are a sliding fee patient, we will make every effort to refer you to a doctor who offers services on a sliding scale.


What types of insurance do you accept?
CVHS accepts most major insurance and dental plans; including Medicare, Medicaid, and HMO’s. If you have a specific question about your particular insurance plan, please call your site for more information.
What do you charge and what is my copay? What will I have to pay when I come in?
The cost for your visit depends on whether or not you have insurance and what that insurance co-pay is.

If you are insured, you will be asked to pay whatever your insurance requires as a co-pay or deductible. However, if you qualify based on family size and income, a portion of that co-pay or deductible may be reduced.

If you are uninsured and you are concerned that you cannot pay for health care, please apply for the sliding fee.

To apply for the sliding fee, you will need to bring income verification on your first visit. When you make your first appointment, the Patient Services Representative can give you an estimate on the cost of your first visit. You may require additional services that are NOT included in this estimate, so the actual cost may be higher than what you were quoted.

If the cost of the visit is higher than what the PSR quoted, CVHS will bill you for the remaining portion. After your first visit, the PSR will be able to give you a closer estimate for your future visits. Patients should be prepared to pay for their care at the time of their visit, or make arrangements with the office manager for a payment plan.
Do you offer payment plans? If yes, what are the requirements?
Payment plans are available for those patients who have some, but not all of the payment for your services. Arrangements are on a case-by-case basis and you should discuss your particular situation with the Practice Manager.
What do I need to bring to register and apply for the sliding scale discount?
You should bring proof of income. This includes 3 of your most recent pay stubs, last year’s tax return, a letter from your employer stating your salary, or any official government documentation such as approval for unemployment compensation.


What dental services are covered by Medicare or Medicaid?
Medicaid/Dentaquest will only cover extractions over 21 years of age. Medicare does not provide dental coverage. Medicaid and FAMIS both cover dental services for children.
Do you provide oral surgery or orthodontics?
We do not provide orthodontics. Our dentists do certain types of oral surgery; for specific information, ask your dentist. For services we do not provide, we will refer you to a provider who does.
Do you make dentures?
No, but we do make the molds and once the dentures are made, ensure a proper fit. We make arrangements with local dental labs and look for ones which are affordable. We can also make minor adjustments to dentures.
Do you have different payment requirements in dental?
Certain major dental services to require payment in full before the service can be rendered. These include root canals and crowns and if our staff makes arrangements with the dental lab for dentures, those must also be paid for in advance.

Administrative Details

Do you take new patients?
Yes, we welcome new patients at any of our sites.
Can anyone come to your health center?
Yes, we see all age groups, men and women, regardless of where they live or work, insured and uninsured.
What are your office hours?
Please refer to the site’s page under the Locations tab for office hours.
How soon can I get an appointment?
Wait times vary by sites. Please contact your local site for this information. Established patients in need of a sick visit will be seen within 24 hours.
What is your cancellation policy?
We ask you to give us at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. We realize this is not always possible, to notifying us that you aren’t coming allows us to offer the slot to someone else.
How do I get to your office?
Directions to each office may be found at the site under the Locations tab.
Are your sites served by public transportation?
Some sites are served by public transportation; others are not. Please check with the PSR for your site.
Are your facilities handicap accessible?

Yes, all of our sites are handicap accessible.

Do you have interpreters?

At some of our sites, we have interpreters available; however, if you need an interpreter, arrangements must be made prior to your appointment. You MUST notify the PSR if you are unable to make your appointment because we need to give notice to the interpreter that he/she will not be needed. If you do not cancel ahead of time but don’t show up, the interpreter still has to be paid.

Do you offer evening or weekend hours?

Yes, we do offer evening hours at least one day a week at all sites. Some sites also offer Saturday hours. Please refer to the site page under the Locations tab for your site’s operating hours.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Each site has a slightly different policy on walk-ins based on the size of the practice and availability of providers to see unscheduled patients. We recommend that you call and discuss your particular situation with the PSR.