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Accessing Us During COVID-19

Telehealth Appointment

CVHS is open for business! We are still seeing medical and behavioral health patients but have modified the process due to COVID-19. Dental patients are seen on an emergency basis.

Q. Are you open?

YES, we are, but in a modified way. We are primarily seeing patients via telehealth for medical, dental, and behavioral health. On an as needed basis, some patients are being seen in the office.

Q. Are you taking new patients?

Yes. We are taking new patients. We are working on an online registration that is coming soon, but in the meantime, we have a modified registration process. Please call your local CVHS office to get started.

Q. Are you testing for COVID 19?

Yes, but we only have limited tests so medical providers are having to decide when tests are most needed. We cannot guarantee we will test every patient who request one.

Q. How can I be tested?

You need to have a drive up or telehealth appointment with a CVHS medical provider. The medical provider will decide if a test is needed. We cannot promise to test every patient who requests one.

Q. What is telehealth?

Telehealth is using internet or cell phone communication with a medical, behavioral health, or dental provider so that you can see and hear your doctor and they can see and hear you.

Q. How do you do telehealth?

You can connect on a cell phone or computer with internet or cell connection. We use a platform called CGM ELVI. You can see a medical provider, behavioral health, provider, and having a dental triage via telehealth.

Q. What if I have poor internet or my cell phone doesn't work well?

For most sites, you can come to the office and be registered and triaged outside. If we are not able to use a video/audio telehealth connection we can talk with you by phone.

Q. Will I be recorded?

No, your visit will not be recorded. We will document your visit in our electronic medical record just as if you were coming to see us in person.

Q. What does it cost?

The visit cost would be the same if you were coming to see us in person. We will charge your insurance and you would be responsible for your copy. If you are eligible for the slide, you would pay your discounted amount.